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success or failure, what if the clients wants a negative outcome?

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Hi @ernst and everyone

My question is what if the clients ask a question that she will feel happy if the answer is negative: then the yogas that show success are negative and failure are positive?

For example, if the client wants to know if she is pregnat but really wishes not to be,
yogas for success will confirm if she is pregnat... or that she can be happy that she isnt pregnat?


sorry if it is a silly question :/

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I don’t have an answer, but a few questions that I have been pondering about for a while, and hope that others would share their opinions - 

Does being pregnant only means giving birth to a child? Could it be giving birth to something else? Would that show in this person’s chart? If she wants to know if she is pregnant but really wishes not to be, is it possible that she is not able to see what she is supposed to give birth to or create that will bring her happiness? If she is not going to be happy about having a child, it won’t be fair to the child either.

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Since this is a prasna question, in comes under 5th Bhava Prasna and pregnancy - vs - no pregnancy is explicated in the manual and the can be technically applied to the chart weather the person is happy or not about being pregnant, it's still a concrete fact of being with child or without.  On the happiness level look at what is going on with the 11th house, this is the underlying hope and unvoiced question of the prasna.  Is she actually concerned about a relationship?  And the idea/potential of a child is really triggering doubt/confidence about the relationship?  Is she concerned with how a potential child will effect her professional life and ambitions or is she actually wanting to be a mother and it's something she has been on her mind for some time?  

If the prasna is working it should show weather she is pregnant or not without being effected with how she feels about it, but how she feels could show up in some way.  I suggest the 11th and also, even though it's not technically a prasna technique, I would look at Avashtas to the moon and 5th house connotations.

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@quasar259 very nice, thanks very much
I will check on that and I think this can apply to many things