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Some help with research on ancestors/pitri's

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Hello everyone,

 I am working on some work related to ancestors and relationships. I need some help with that work. If you are willing to help me with that work, I will need information as below:

a) Death dates of grandparents. Father and mother's side. Exact dates are only needed. If you don't have exact dates, please don't include them. Also, I would need your date of birth, place of birth, time of birth. If you don't have exact time of birth, please don't send me because it will not be very useful. I am working with the subtle divisional charts in this case, so need the time of birth to be exact to the minute or few mins at least. Thanks,

b) What were the major events happening in your life before and immediately after their deaths? I am looking into a span of 18 months before and after their death? I am mostly interested in knowing those events that had huge impact on your conscious being. For example: You may be struggling to find a suitable career before and after the death of one of the grandparent, you suddenly found a path that worked.

You can email me privately the information at

Yes, I plan to make a video and share the results and technique I have developed with this. I hope you can help me because I think this is very important work related to rahu and ketu. There are at least 4 techniques that are enclosed in this information that I seek. The techniques are clear to me, I just need to prove this with stats, hence need the help.

Thanks a lot,