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Maturation age of Rahu/Ketu and eclipses

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Hello everyone, 

I was working on a chart and this just came to my mind. So, I am going to share with you and need some help with data once again. Consider you have a person at the Rahu and Ketu maturation ages, which are age 42 and 48 respectively. Then, we have eclipses that will occur at those maturation ages as well in a given year. If we look closely at those maturation ages and eclipse points for that native at those maturation ages, then those must be important eclipses depending on how good or bad rahu and ketu are in the chart.

Since Rahu and Ketu are seen at eclipses, any eclipse during the maturation ages of Rahu and Ketu must be important or life changing in some way. 

I am trying to understand the static promise of the rahu and ketu maturation ages giving its concrete results during the eclipses at the years of 41-43; 44-45 and 47-49. In this case, I include a 36 months period (2X Rahu and Ketu transit duration) because I want to have 1 year before and after rahu/ketu maturation age plus the midpoint of 45 yrs.

Of course, these results can be pronounced further, if one is in the rahu or ketu dasa at that time of life. So, I am interested to see if anyone of practicing astrologers saw unusual or peculiar events happen in a person's life at the ages of 41-43; 44-45 and 47-49, particularly close to the eclipses.

if this is the case, then you have some interesting data for me. Could you then maybe share the event that occurred along with your birth details with me? I want to study those a bit deeper and try and see if something else is happening at that time. It can also be charts of your clients or relatives etc, no need to know their names, just need the data.

You can email be privately at

Thanks once again for your help, 








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Welcome back, Ganesh !!!

Wonderful to see you and happy belated birthday! ????

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@mirela thank you 🙂 yes, feels good to be back and see the familiar faces still around and also some new ones 🙂