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Just logged in after six months-I have no access to the video content except very 1st videos

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So I like all of the changes on the website so far but I get the error message "sorry but you cannot access this content" for any videos besides the first set of videos in the beginner courses. When I stopped last time I was well into the Beginner courses content.

I have paid since yesterday (literally) and I'm about to enter a Rahu issue this week so I need access back ASAP, especially because I had progressed up to Positional Transits in the Beginner series under the old system where everything was available. I really want to watch the hows and whys of rahu asap for my own sake.

Can someone please explain what I need to do to access the content (that I've been paying for)?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Hi Joanna, please email me for such things at ernst@astrology-videos.com as I need your email to work on that.