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Jupiter card

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Hi Ernst,

Bringing this question forward -

Posted by: @manisha

If the Jupiter card is an averted position, does having the Ecliptic card fall in it means that walking the path is averted?

Would it also be an averted card in the 7-year progression? Only for that year or for the entire 7-year period?

I am wondering if the Jupiter card is averted, because it’s the 5th card, the card after the stable 4, thus throwing everything into chaos. It requires faith and optimism and belief that things will fall into place. Is there another way I can look at it?

Ernst Wilhelm
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the 5th card is where all the work is done. So its all good and then the 5th card comes and says, time tom ake changes, what is an avert, its a change. you are going down the road and all a sudden something happens and you have to take a left turn. the 10th card linked to the 5th card means the path is changed. For good or bad? Depends on the cards. 

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