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The alternating semi fixed cards

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Hi Guys,

Greetings to everyone,  I am Jesper from Denmark and fairly new to the card system.

I have just started on The Time and the Little Book course and would very much like a bit of help and clarification on the two semi fixed card sets of 2 of hearts with the Ace of Clubs as well as  the 7 of Diamonds with the 9 of Hearts. 

In the video Ernst explain about the shift and alternation of the cards in the 45 year quadration, but I am a bit unclear weather that is to be understood as if this alternation of the cards in the fixed positions in the BC-spread are only to be experienced in the 45th year - or are they changing and to be read as the alternating card in the BC- spread for the next 45 years? 

As an example I have both fixed card sets in respectively my second Card and my seventh card position.... are they to be read as the alternating cards after my 45 year?






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Ernst Wilhelm
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THe semi fixed cards alternate every year. On the 45th year its typical to have the exact same spread of the birth spread, but if one of those cards is a semi fixed, it won't be the exact spread, the semi fixed cards will alternate so that card will be different at 45. If a person has a semi fixed card, any year they have that same card in the spread, it will always be an even numbered year, gives focus to that card. 

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Thanks for the clarification Ernst.... I think I got the mechanics of it now. I am although still a little bit unsure about the meaning of the alternation of the semi fixed cards.

To clarify, am I right or wrong in my understanding that the alternation of let's say the 2 of Heart shifting to the Ace of Clubs in the BC-spread at age 45 is to be interpreted as a phase shift where the new alternating semi fixed card , in this example the Ace of Clubs, with its meaning and connotations, is taking preference - or is being introduced as a new baseline so to speak in the person's life for the next coming 45 years until age 90?

In the video you also mention that there is a nuance and difference to your understanding of the  semi fixed cards compared to interpretations of other card systems which gives the same meaning to the paired cards. How do you interpret the difference?



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@jesper Hi Jesper, I can answer as someone who is studying the cards. I don't believe the alternate semi-fixed card is meant to be interpreted as the new baseline for age 45-90. However, I do think the new card(s) is meant to be there to play an important part in the rebirth that occurs at age 45. At least, this is my understanding. I'd be interested to hear Ernst' take as well.

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I have both the semi-fixed cards in my birth spread. Since 45, I have been experiencing them as the ‘new thing’ about the ‘old thing’, if that makes sense. So, like the yearly spread is in relation to the natal birth spread, I am feeling the new cards in the same way - new cards but about the cards that I was born with.

It was hard to accept the change at first. There was a momentum with the old cards that needed to be stopped before the new direction could be taken. Now that I am in line with the new cards, I am much happier. It is like the missing pieces finally fell into place.

Would love to hear @ernst perspective on it too.