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Just for your astro studies I thought you guys may find this interesting. Today tuesday 12/14/21 while headed to work in the morning the car behind me slams into the back of my car.

After the whole ordeal was over (talking to driver, taking pictures etc)and calming myself down and taking look at astro clock to see when the wreck had occurred it was during hour of Mars.

Just find it funny a car hit me on the day of mars during the hour of mars. The good news is the hit wasn't that bad it only took off a little paint on the bumber and no dents.

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Interesting. I was in a similar car accident a few years ago. I barely avoided a major collision at a T-junction as my car got pushed onto the road. I made certain notes and I have a feeling that I might have written the time down for some reason. This was before I got into astrology. If I find the notes, it will be interesting to see what was happening up in the skies.