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combining Mudda Dasha with Nav Tara

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generally, for marriage timing, first, need to find broad indications.

1) Dasha lagan technique. As Rahu-mars is running, we make Rahu as lagan and see immediately the 7th house activation where Mars is exalted. This itself is a very strong indication. We can further go into Antardasha and get the exact date. 

2) Ashtakvarga and Transit. 7th House BAV in natal chart, contribution by which planets, I find Jupiter and Saturn both have very high, 6, indicating positive events, supporting marriage and during that time, Jupiter is transit over 7th house and saturn in last degree of 6th house. Based on double transit theory, both heavy planets, Jupiter and Saturn play an important role too in house activation.  Also, notice Ra Ke axis during transit is having an overlap over natal Ra Ke axis that is over 2-8 house, where 7th lord, 11th lord is placed in 2nd house..(2,7,11 are the house coordinates for marriage)

So, based on the above factors, we already have an idea, that marriage event is a high possibility.

Now, to Varshphal,

Jupiter is Muntha Lord and being 7th House Lord too conjunct with 11th house lord moon in friend rashi with good Dwadashavargiya Bala and forming Gaj Kesari Yoga too. (Note 7, 11 are important houses for marriage). Varshapati mercury and lagan lord mercury are in open friendship with 7th lord Jupiter, Munthapati.

Rahu's dispositor Sun is in exact degrees with Jupiter, forming perfect applying yoga. So, soul's purpose was there to marry this year and thus, develop Leo characteristics. 

Now to Varshphal Mudda dasha using NavTara, Sun is the first nakshatra, that is also the birth moon nakshatra. Marriage is happening in 7th nakshatra from birth moon nakshatra, Mercury. 7th is again signifying marriage.  

Now while analysing both the birthchart, Varshphal, some indications to 8th house, retrograde were there, indicating problems in marriage. Also, venus in Varshphal is having negative Dwadasha Vargiya, low panchvargiya also indicating trouble while Harsha Bala is 10, so person will be excited about marriage but it will not be very production event in the long run. 

Let me know your feedback. thanks. 

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