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Lajitadi Avashtas in Varshaphala

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Dear Ernst

Varshaphala is a Tajika System. In Tajika system predecting events was very important.

I mostly need to look in a person's Psychology and inner development in a varshaphala.

You once said you can apply any technique any where. I've started to look to Outer Planets in Varshaphala and have got very good results.

Some times I also apply lajitadi avashtas to Varshaphala to analyze more inner aspects of the chart.

what is you opinion on this? 

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I think it's a great idea as long as you analyze those Lajjitaadi avasthas in the context of the Lajjitaadi avasthas of the birth chart. For example, an ashamed planet in Varshaphala but delighted in the birth chart won't be as problematic as if that same planet is ashamed in the birth chart. But would also love to hear Ernst's take on that. 

Ernst Wilhelm
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yes, you can use the varshaphala with lajjitaadi avasthas, but just as in predicting with varshaphala, if the birht chart says its a no marriage chart, you never want to predict a marraige during any varshaphala year. same wtih an avastha, if a planet is only have a perfect lajjitaadi avastha, don't counsel them about having a bad avastha planet in the varshaphala.