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moon in ithasala yoga with other planent but also in inimical yoga with saturn

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hi ernst, moon, when in ithasala yoga with another planet or while aspecting within orb two planets that create a yoga between themself known to empower a yoga or a planet, when either in an inimical or friendly yoga with those  planets, is that correct? what if then, saturn is aspecting with in orb another planet(friendly aspect) and the moon also involved  as a third planet and in aspect to both of saturn and the other planet, (in an inimical aspect to saturn but friendly to the other planet). obviously few things happening here,  does the inimical yoga between saturn and moon create any positive effect, like empowering  saturn in any way or saturn, just block all positive influence and yogas the moon creates as well as the moon ability to empower any yoga? how about the moon with saturn inimical yoga, does the moon ever empower saturn when its in an inimical aspect to saturn?(that is obviously with reference to the question above about the moon empowering in inimical or friendly aspect any planet). and if the moon very strong and in good dignities and the effect is both saturn interference and moon empowerment, which effect would be more pronounce, saturn interference or moon empowering?

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Yes, moon will empower saturn even thoug aspect is inimical. So Saturn will block moon's yogas with other planets, but Moon will emphasize Saturn's yogas and then there is the yoga of saturn and moon that will mature.