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I'm a little late to this conversation, but I came across a some crow divination information on the internet awhile ago.  I coped it down to work with it but did not record with source from which it came.  The directions indicate in which direction the crow is in from your position when you hear it crow.  I've used with this some success in the past particularly crow omens indicating travel.

First Watch

6:00 am - 9:00 am

  • East: Wishes will be fulfilled
  • Southeast: An enemy will approach
  • South: A friend will visit
  • Southwest: Unexpected profit will accrue
  • West: Great wind will rise
  • Northwest: A stranger will appear
  • North: Scattered property will be found
  • Northeast: A woman will come
  • Zenith: A demon will appear

Second Watch

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • East Near relatives will come
  • South Flowers and areca-nuts obtained
  • Southwest Numerous offspring
  • West You will set out on a distant journey
  • Northwest One king replaced by another
  • North Good news will be received
  • Northeast Disorder breaks out
  • Zenith Fulfillment of your wishes

Third Watch

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • East: You will obtain property
  • Southeast: A battle will arise
  • South: A storm will come
  • Southwest: An enemy will come
  • West: A woman will come
  • Northwest: A relative will come
  • North: A good friend will come
  • Northeast: A conflagration breaks out
  • Zenith: You will gain profit by being taken care of by the king

Fourth Watch

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  • East: Great fear predicted
  • Southeast: Great gain coming
  • South: A stranger will come
  • Southwest: A storm will rise in seven days
  • West: Rain and wind will come
  • Northwest: Scattered property found
  • North: A king will appear
  • Northeast: You will obtain rank
  • Zenith: Hunger predicted


  • East An enemy appears on the road
  • Southeast A treasure will come to you
  • South You will die of disease
  • Southwest The wishes of one's heart fulfilled
  • West Relatives will come
  • Northwest Obtaining property predicted
  • North Homage will be done to the king
  • Zenith You will obtain advantage you hoped for

General Observations

  • Crow on right: good journey
  • Crow behind: you obtain siddhi
  • A crow flapping his wings, calls: great accident
  • Crow pulls human hair: death
  • Crow eats dirty food: food and drink about to come
  • Crow on thornbush: enemy
  • Crow on milksap tree: milk rice to you
  • Crow on withered tree: no food and drink
  • Crow on palace: excellent halting place
  • Crow on divan: enemy will come
  • Crow facing door: peril at frontier
  • Crow pulling dress: dress to you
  • Crow on skull: death
  • Crow with red thread on house: fire
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@ancestorseyes Wow, thank you for sharing your depth of knowledge! I find it quite interesting that a meaning for a crow on one's left side is not mentioned under the General Observations. I wonder why that is 🤔

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