Two dead birds carc...
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Two dead birds carcasses and one nest of thrushes with 3x hatclings and one unhatched egg.

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Hello Ernst, 

Recently I have stumbled on two bird carcasses first one in my backyard more or less decomposed to bones and another one close to my home in between grass tuffts on path I always go to work. couple days ago I noticed a nest of thrushes that have 3x hatchlings and one unhatched egg in my backyard in a small pine tree. Strangely I have 2x stumbling on the same ad about job as a funeral director during this time while adding newspapers on top my back garden to protect veggie beds. Does anyone know the meaning of dead bird omen and bird nests? 

Any insight is highly appreciate, 

Thank you, 

Diana D. 

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This is quite interesting. I am wondering if you have not been able to put something to rest in your mind. Death is the end, but through it begins a renewal denoted by the 3 hatchlings. The one unhatched one - what are you holding on to that is not allowing the rebirth of something in your life? Where are you not having faith in life?