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Combining Both Sidereal & Tropical

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This is from "The Law of One" a massive collection of channelings between a certain University Professor and an entity self described as "Ra".

I read this a while ago and I found it very fascinating using it when interpreting an Astrology chart with both the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs:

Here's the excerpt:


"It is our understanding—and we offer it humbly since we feel that it is only a rough approximation of the truth rather than the precise truth—that the use of both sidereal and tropical astrological charts is appropriate when studying the influences which make up the geography of an entity’s interior landscape.

There are two aspects to a density. One aspect is relatively fixed; one aspect is relatively unfixed. The masculine side of the study of astrology is that of the tropical astrological chart. It represents that which is fixed into the Earth by the occasion of your birth into third-density existence.

There is another aspect which influences the use of astrology and this is the feminine aspect of the density. In this focus of astrology, the information is considerably helpful, but it does differ from the tropical chart in that it embraces more of the unfixed or soul-driven, if you will, aspects of personality.

Therefore, if an entity is actively investigating his own soul aspects, it is quite likely that he will find sidereal astrology more helpful in describing the environment in which he finds himself in his inner work than if he uses the tropical astrological chart.

Gazing at the differences between a sidereal and a tropical chart will give to an entity an interesting view of the various aspects of his own character. The sidereal aspects describe more the soul aspects of the entity, whereas the tropical chart describes more the personality or applied incarnational aspects of a personality.

Looking at the difference between the two gives to the student of his own personality an idea of the dynamics of the earthly self with respect to that self which entered incarnation and that self which shall remain after incarnation.

Neither aspect is higher than the other aspect. We wish to make that clear. The two aspects are, as it were, the vertical aspect and the horizontal aspect of that cruciform nature of personality. There is that vertical aspect that touches down into the earth and holds into incarnation certain aspects of the personality, and there is that floating or horizontal aspect to the personality that is never completely nailed down by incarnation, but rests within the energy body as the deeper aspects that the soul has brought forward into incarnation at this time."


I've recently focused solely on the Tropical as Ernst recommended, and I've been enjoying it. But I still find that this information greatly clarifies a really useful method of combining the two.

For instance:

Sidereal Aries: internal drive to conquer and break new ground
Tropical Taurus: manifested behavior of steady, persistent, stable and stubborn action.

Sidereal Taurus: internal need to indulge senses, experience luxuries and various things
Tropical Gemini: manifested behavior of floating around, talking a lot and going from place to place. 

Sidereal Gemini: internal desire for interaction, engagement and connection with others.
Tropical Cancer: manifested behavior of care, emotional concern and nurturing closeness.

It would work that way with all the rest of the stuff.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that and see if anyone finds this method interesting or useful! I find it pretty easy to think about from this perspective... but I can see how it would get REALLY complicated when applying it to all the other hundreds of tools Vedic Astrology uses.

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I noticed that you have different wordings for the same signs in sidereal and tropical lingo. Is that on purpose?

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@manisha Yeah because the main idea proposed in the excerpt is that the Sidereal is more of the internal, unfixed, soul based experiences of the signs... and the Tropical is the more externally manifested, concrete fixed experiencies.

So that's why I used those different wordings for each of them. More internally focused for Sidereal and externally for Tropical.


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interesting concept!

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There is a book, "Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide" by Swami Kriyananda that touches on this theme. The introduction describes this but in a different light. It is also a good book for psychological aspects of the signs and seeing the higher side to them. 

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I find that interesting. I am strugling with sidereal vs. tropical since quite some time. So much so that I am too confused what to use that I rather leave at the moment Astrology because I dont make progress and makes me mad, too many options. My experiene is that from both views I come to conclusions that are true, and to some conclusions which dont make sense. In my own chart I also see a major event, practical oncrete event, which does not make sense tropicly, so not only internal but also external from sidereal.

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Its a difficult thing to decide which zodiac to use based on predictions because there are so many ways to make a prediction, until we know all those ways, how can we know which zodiac is making the prediction work? All we can do is learn a predictive method, try it tropically and sidereally, and see which gives a great percentage of correct predictions. None of them will get 100% because its just one technique and there are many things happening in a chart at a given time. As you learn more techniques and see which zodiac those techniques work better on, you will know which zodiac to use. 

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