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Combining Both Sidereal & Tropical

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Yeah I find using all the techniques learned on this site through Ernst to work amazingly well, and that's all with Tropical.

I sometimes ponder this Sidereal concept of it being the inner experience of life, but only at a small level, the rest I'll use the Tropical with for yogas, house rulers, vargas and all that, its too much to do it for both.

I have a Libra Ascendant tropically but a Virgo ascendant sidereally, I find that my inner experience of balancing, negotiating and beautifying things like a Libra Lagna does, is nitpicky, pointing out flaws, doing detail work and practically precisely doing things... So I can see how they're both one and the same. The Sidereal is the core, whereas the Tropical is the manifested external shell.

But that's about as far as it goes, and I mainly do that for my own chart, rather than other people. I've found using Ernsts methods, especially the healing rahu ketu, with clients to work amazingly well and it just blows their mind, and that's all Tropical.

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As a person born on a latitude where the difference between the astronomical and sidereal solstice is HUGE, I have a very hard time to take the sidereal zodiac seriously. If it is something that is cristal clear, it´s the rise and set of the Sun, the total eclipses - and the return of the Sun in winter. More clear than the difference between a new and full Moon even. I just don´t understand how the sidereal zodiac can have any saying about Sun ruled matters.

Just saying.


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