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Fatal Degree's what is it, and how can one work with it?

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I know this is a fairly old post, but I've just become aware of Nikola's degree system and it's actually Varga chart, a Trisamsa.  The Vedic Trisamsa each rasi is divided into 30 degrees with the sign itself ruling 0-1 degree and then continuing in the typical order from that sign.  

Nikola is the same with respect to 0-1 degree but then his system goes back to Aries for degrees 1-2 and continues in the regular progression to Taurus, Gemini, etc.  So it's the same for every Rasi except for degrees 0-1 of that sign.  This is just how varga charts are delineated albeit with different principles ruling lordship and then inclusion of outer planets.  Nikola said he couldn't find information on single degrees anywhere when he started developing his theory and perhaps that was true if he wasn't aware of vargas and in particular the trisamsa and its calculation. 

The reason I bring this up in this thread is that one person was talking about Nikola's "untimely death" from Covid in 2021 and I thought there must be something interesting going on with degrees and this event.  His death can be seen from 6th house factors and very weak 1st lord, also Varshaphala shows signs, but as far as degrees go what's most notable is that Venus is in fatal degree in his Natal chart (as seen through the Prasna screen) and on the day of his death Venus was transiting the 8th house and at the 18th degree.  Nikola described the 18th degree as the most dangerous degree and diabolical degree there is and makes a big deal on how it is involved in a proliferation of painful events and death.

some of his notable (generally) unfavorable degrees are 8, 11, 18, 22 and 23.  These have to be qualified by other factors, aspects, houses.

His birth data is 2/28/57 16:55:22 Belgrade, Serbia

and he died on 4/5/21, not sure of time and assuming it was in Belgrade


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