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How do jupiter with ketu find happiness

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 Jupiter is where we have to attempt to find a best happiness but with ketu we have to go away from it so how does a person with Jupiter with ketu go for finding happiness? with Rahul , it is understandable that as a we towards Rahul they find more happiness but when with ketu we have to leave the castle and also fine to attempt happiness there how does that work?

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leaving the ketu castle does not mean to cut off the influence of Jupiter on you. It is more like, by going to the Rahu house and by healing your Jupiter, Jupiter can be amplified in his good effects.  It will change. By going to Rahu, Jupiter will change too in terms of purpose, wisdom, goodness, growth etc.. The tail and the head are one entire thing. I imagine it like a forward- backwards and so forth movement during lifetime,  not as a one way street of leaving ketu to go to rahu and that´s it.  Jupiter demands going to the jungle. You can see it literally as leaving a place to go to another but actually, both places are within you. At least it is my understanding of it. Eventually I am wrong- please correct me in that case!

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Yes, it's a back and forth movement of consciousness between Rahu and ketu, the more time and development done with Rahu the more satisfaction and happiness comes then from Jupiter ketu place... So, need to enjoy both with proper perspective and trying to healthily transcend the pathological ways both Rahu and ketu will bring in during the process..

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Ketu and Rahu are two opposite ends of the axis. It is like a pendulum swinging back and forth in your life. My opinion is that you want to maintain the balance in both