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Do the 5th card position explanations in the Thirteen Cards from the Birth Card video series (vid #10) and the Cards of Truth Foundation series (12 &13) contradict each other? That card often represents something that we long for. The former video says that life wants us to sacrifice that card for greater access to the higher cards, so it is averted by the grace and wisdom of God for our greater good. The latter seems to say that it is okay to have that card, and that we can have it if we but find and flick the switch in ourselves that obstructs it. I've seen that card in readings represent an unrequited passion, which seems unwise and unfulfilling to pursue. Should it be pursued or sacrificed? Thanks.

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Ernst Wilhelm
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The 5th card is an obstacle we have to pass in order to have the fulfillment of the 6th card. If its a good card, it will feel like something we are sacrificing, if its a bad card, is something we really wouldn't want that we have to cross.