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The mirroring magic of 8 of Hearts

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I haven´t met many 8 of Hearts, but the other day I had the opportunity to read a chart of an 8H friend. And wow, how he manifested his magical mirroring power at once!

- In the Maya calender cholquij he´s a 13 Imox. There are 20 energies and 13 numbers, so in total 260 possibilities. It turns out that his GF is also a 13 Imox!

- They both have the same AK and DK.

- Her card follows his, so his Venus card and her Jupiter card are the same.

- Also he attracted me into his life in the precise moment where he needed some information and contacts that I effortlessly could give him, things that he really needed to sort out a couple of problems. He didn´t even have to ask me, it manifested in synchronistic way.

Also it´s interesting to see how the 10 of Spades on his EC works. He has been walking a native American healing path for years with tough peregrinations, long ceremonial nights, Sun dances, steaming hot sweatlodges etc. A physcially demanding way, but healthy! If he wouldn´t, or hadn´t been a long distance runner or something similar, life would have presented many problems for him to resolve in a less fulfilling way, I guess.