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Yes/no question spreads  

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For yes/no questions like “Should I go on this trip” or “Should I quit my job”, Does pulling a single card usually provide enough information or is a more elaborate spread the way to go?  What is your favorite spread for such questions? Thanks

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Ernst Wilhelm
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I dont suggest doing yes no readings. I dont think it works and i dont think is healthy. its always better to case a spread. So about a job, should I quite my job, I would just cast of pull a card for their job, and if it looks like they quite it, I wll say, looks like you will quite it. 

Should, there is no such thing. There is only doing and not doing, no should. Should is an imaginary concept, like trying, haha. 

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If it ends up being asked as a yes/no question, that means there is a possibility that it will go either way. So, perhaps a simple Three Card Spread as a past, present, future. Or an elaborate Path to a Goal spread. I am not sure if Ernst has those ones, but even a Celtic Cross spread would give you the underlying issues. The querent might or might not want to address the issues, which will then turn it into a definite ‘Yes” or a “No” answer.

I agree with Ernst about the “should”. Unfortunately, we only understand it when we have used up all our “shoulds”. LOL.