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Rahu Ketu Synastry

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Do the Rahu Ketu synastry apply only to romantic partnership and must be in navamsa? 

Can we also use it for family members? My elder brother has Rahu in the 3rd in Leo where my moon sign but it is not in the same nakshatra  whereas I have Rahu in the 9th in cancer where his sun and mercury is. My rahu nakshatra and his sun nakshatra is the same. 

Growing up, he was the one who taught me everything but we never got along after the schooling years. Lots of arguments and till today, we are not close but we can carry out a conversation without getting into an argument. 

We have no planets falling on each other's Ketu. 

His Rahu is maturing and after the recent birth of his daughter, he seems to have gone softer on me. Maybe, because my niece looks a lot like me and we both look like my brother in female version : )