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Maybe it's a bit out of the question, but I remember from studying at the University how a lecturer, a former member of a very high organisation, confirmed the interesting fact that researchers and investigators in the special service were chosen at least in the past (probably even now) with very high vitality and strong psychological preconditions.

This is because a low-energy researcher or investigator does not have to achieve much if a criminal or, for some reason, a person of interest has a stronger energy and vitality than the researcher.

A very high-energy and vital researcher, supplemented by special training, has a rather frightening effect on the average person, already entering the room.

As some criminals have a very high level of energy, which also explains their success in being authoritative and successful among criminals, they are quite difficult to break.

I have the impression that the natal charts of many alleged witches and very successful researchers or investigators are quite often quite similar. 

They even seem to behave similarly in some ways, and are mostly skilled users of psychology as well. They can also intimidate people and read people's behavior, small details, are attentive. They like tricks, are quite obsessive about their authoritarianism, and tend to play obscure games.

It is also not uncommon for a reputable researcher or investigator to move to the "dark" side, and perhaps only a long time later his "hobbies" will be discovered. 

People have their own weaknesses, and when they think they are out of danger, they tend to exploit them. Some people's weakness is a sense of power and a desire to secure their position with very sensitive information that is dangerous to others.

True, there is always someone somewhere who has an even stronger vitality, a stronger, more capable, and subjective safe state can come up with a brutal solution.

Maybe it would be better not to do very important things if the condition is rather weak. Of course, this is not always possible, but example in the case of a good muhurta, one could also look at one's personal condition. If you are in very poor condition, a good muhurta may not be very effective.


I have also been involved in real estate consulting for a while, and while some people have complained that they have not been lucky in their transactions, I have delicately researched their condition during such periods. In most cases, they had some health problems, recent psychotraumas, or were otherwise below average. 

The opponent, ie the seller or the professional broker-dealer, has usually been a person of high vitality and condition, who was able to hide significant negative circumstances and incline the weaker person to an unfavorable transaction.

One could see a certain parallel from the archaic times, when the warriors tried to fast when possible, used certain herbs, potions and tried to raise themselves energetically.

Even in top sports, sometimes hear that someone are trying to beat opponent before the competition by trying to scare or otherwise disturb senses. It is also a disturbance of the energy level.



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@ayan This is interesting, as I remember several years ago a certain tropical Vedic astrologer sharing a story about how after sharing some online presentations of research and evidence for, and accuracy of, the tropical zodiac, a sidereal vedic astrologer who was offended contacted him claiming he had placed a tantric curse on him using the power of Saturn.

He got better.

And if there is a similarity between the charts of witches and powerful researchers and investigators, I would guess the 8th house would be involved as it deals with the occult as well as deep research.

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