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Happy Teacher's Day

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Amit Bhat
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Hi Ernst

Happy Teacher's Day!

Indeed you are a great teacher in the world and the world needs lot many like you.

I am grateful and feel blessed to have a teacher like you in my life.

May God bless you 




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Ernst Wilhelm
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Thank you Amit 🙂

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@ernst I didn't know about teacher's day, but you deserve a huge thank you every day for changing so many lives with your teachings!

I'll always be grateful!

Hugs ????

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Jupiter is the best planet in my chart, and it has served me well in my life. Jupiter is also my 9th lord. I have always been lucky with finding good, solid, knowledgeable teachers to teach me and guide me. I found Ernst just by surfing through the internet. I don't know what it was that said to me I want to learn from him because at the time 5/6 years ago i knew nothing about astrology. I guess just intuition. I have always been interested and believed in astrology (my dad passed this on to me), but i knew absolutely nothing about astrology. I studied a little bit of Western astrology, and one day i found Ernst and have never looked back. I have enjoyed all of Ernst's courses as each course opens the window a little wider for my thirsty, inquisitive mind. So thank you for being our teacher, and i look forward to the continual learning of a fascinating topic....