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Pluto leaving Capricorn

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Anyone else feeling the change with Pluto leaving Capricorn? I am feeling like such a big burden lifted after so many years! A lot of shit has piled up in my life ever since Pluto entered Capricorn, and it has made me experience full-on the feeling of lack. Since it also did a fun dance with my natal planets and major points both in Cancer and Capricorn along with experiencing Rahu-Ketu maturation in the midst of it all, it has been a fun merry time! This short transit in Aquarius is already showing signs of getting prepared for transitioning into the next house and a lot of the accumulated shit is falling away. What was so hard to shift last year is falling away so easily that I am glad I didn't push myself too hard last year. Makes me wonder how much we ought to do and how much happens on its own.

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I too feel some shift.  I've been able to do things I haven't been able to do before.