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What To Do With This Rock?

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Hi Gem Practitioners,

Should I use this rock, or give it away?:

I've had a rock in my closet for some time and I don't remember how I acquired it, but it wasn't for astrological reasons (In fact I have several rocks packed away like this).

I discovered that according to Ernst's rules, it is a Saturn crystal that is colored to reflect Sat's placement in my D4, where its in the 4th(which isn't a dusthana from it's rashi placement in D1).

So that being the case, could it help me in dealing with the pain caused by delays and obstacles in having a house/room of my own that is secure or affordable? Additionally, the 4th cusp in my D1 is graha-aspected from Sat by 59 pts. and is also rashi-aspected from it as well, so its a long-term issue.

If it increases the restrictions/delays, I don't want to be anywhere near the stone, and will give it to someone who needs it. It is also the same rashi/color as my D1 7th house, where Saturn graha aspects the 7th cusp by 48 pts and rashi aspects it as well, so I have the same problems with partnerships.