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A blue shelf on Volcano Avenue

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Just another testimony about one of those wonderful road signs that the creator hangs up along our path.

I had a horrible day. I´d worked on a product that in included mentioning a person who had died by suicide; all of a sudden another victim of the same manner of death showed up in the context and a bad energy took over my day. I started to act out in a way I wish I hadn´t and it all became a mess. Really damaged a couple of relations and felt horrible. I later called my ex telling her that it was not a good idea that I should take care of our kid later that night; she was about to travel and I suggested her to call someone else.

... Until I realized that on the contrary, being with my kids always help me to find balance, so I called her again: "Let´s do it, I´m coming over".

Walking down the street. On the curb, a father and a son with a shelf. The son, a kid about my own kid´s age, painting it. Intense blue. ""Looks great, good job!" I hear myself saying.

Then comes the realization... Father and kid... Me and my kid, also my other kid in Sweden (I live in Mexico, and so does my youngest son)  that in some way was effected by what happened earlier that day. Working together in harmony. Intense blue: My colour. I know that. And shelf, of course: structure, orden.

The street´s name is Almolonga, it´s a name of a volcano, also know us "Cerro Quemado", "Burnt Mountain". Didn´t realize until now that it may have carried a meaning too. Direction: North, which is emotional, right?

And yes, it was a good decision not hiding away from my parenthood. It helped to get back on track.