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July Prediction - Earth Shattering Change

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Life was we know it will never be the same. This prediction uses a simple method. And it'll happen this week. Or next week at the very latest. But I really think it's this week.

The Coronavirus and all the chaos that befell the world happened when Saturn was in Capricorn. So much action happened in Capricorn including an Eclipse.

Saturn is retrograde and has returned to Capricorn. I think we all understand here that when a planet goes retrograde, the lessons of that planet are especially heavy. Especially, especially if the previous issues were not resolved correctly. Certainly the world is no better nor wiser since the first world wide panics of the Coronavirus.

So now that it is back in Capricorn, something else is going to hit the world and really rock us. Many people's lives will be earth shatteringly changed by next month.