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Saptamsa calculation

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Hello Ernst and all,


Has anyone done a reserch on the calculation of saptamsa with the Reverse for even rasis?

Like KALA does it for dasamsa.

In BPHS it is the same description - reverse for deities. Or I don't understand something..  

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Ernst Wilhelm
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I have not tried it. When we do saptamsa forward only we get the normal parivartana style that is generally the default calculation for vargas that are not divisible into 12, so seven cannot divide into 12 so the parivartana which is the regular order method is used. 

WIth the dasamsa even signs start at the 9th which only makes sense if we go in reverse for the signs. 


But we should try it for saptamsa. The easy test would be on seventh houses that are in even signs as then they owuld have a completely different 7th lord in D7. as I have mentioned, predicting exact days of birth for children is very difficult. so if its easier with reverse D7 for even that would show its correct.