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Number of children technique

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There is few things I would like to have confirmation in the Jaimini children technique.

1. If the womb is empty and the lord of the womb is with a child giving planet in the D1 and at the same time in D5 Mercury is in the womb denying children. So does the Mercury (Or Saturn/Venus) in this case deny the children completely or delay the children?

2. If in that same situation the child giving planet is Moon (at the same time assuming that Mercury would deny the child because of the conjunction of the womb in D5) So do we move forward to the next womb or not in this situation where Moon cannot give a child but it would if there wouldn't be child denying factors?

That is clear that we are not moving forward if the Moon is able to give a child but how about when its trying to but not able to? Do we stop moving to the next womb if there is any involvement by the Moon by conjunct the lord or aspecting the Womb regardless of other factors?


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Ernst Wilhelm
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it will delay. if the moon, you do not move onto the next child bearing sign.