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confused with varga bhavas

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Hi all,

Is there something wrong with the way my charts are being calculated or is there a way to understanding how to read a chart that looks like this? I'm just confused with the house numbers being mixed up  ???? 

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The chart you have attached is the D9 chart and not the Rasi chart. If I remember correctly, Ernst has a video in the Beginners section about the Bhava cusps. Maybe also look for the video explaining the Vargas.

Maybe someone else will chime in with more details. 

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@manisha thank you 🙂 yeah it’s not happening with the rasi chart - although there is a new way the chart is being calculated than what I’m used to - I still have my aries ascendant instead of a Vedic Pisces ascendant but it’s still interesting ????

I shall have a look at the videos you mentioned ✨