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Finding Lajjitaadi Avasthas master course: same lord conjunction?

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Hi Ernst,

In the latest Lajjitaadi Avasthas master course, you mention (at around minute 19) that Mars is not ashamed despite being joined Rahu because Saturn or the Sun are not there. But Saturn is in Scorpio and I thought you use same lord conjunction when it comes to determining the state of a planet. Has this changed or was that just an oversight? Or did I misunderstand the same lord conjunction rule? Thank you!


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i am listening to the same video and yes that is my question too.  i would think in this chart we have a shamed Mars because of Saturn in Scorpio as Mona mentioned above. You said Saturn is thirsty, starved and agitated. But dont we also have a shamed Saturn because it is with Rahu and Mars (same lord conjunction)? I am still learning all this stuff so i hope i got it correctly.




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Perhaps Ernst will not consider the avasthas created by same lord conjunctions for the purposes of this course. He said that these are felt less intensely, so maybe they won't be as important. I'm curious to know what he thinks, though.

Ernst Wilhelm
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We are not going to use same lord conjunctions in this course. 

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Ok, So that is why were not using the Avasta-Calculations Table.  Guess we could use the Kala 2016 version prior Same Lord Conj  for a quick reference?

Are you still using Same Lord in General or in some way?


Thanks, Love the class, its great. 


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