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Many planets in one house

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Yogesh Lohra
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@ramin very interesting combination , do you have his details handy ? Lets us have a closure look  , 6th house is house of service and this looks like extreme case of service to his guru too much of pointed energy in one direction so definitely needs to be checked did u happen see all his inner charts d16 ,d20 , d24  ? they might reveal a story of soul happiness , devotion and his understanding ? 

And 6th being upchaya house eventually it grows but with extreme tough life path  (mental and physical both) with 6 planets and Aquarius being sign  of validation , person seeks lot of validation of his action and inspiration which I guess put him for the acute need of a very good Guru who can understand his realm and guide him which I think he got it 

Does not look like very simple chart to conclude quickly , thanks for sharing 


God bless 


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Dear All

I would like to thank every one of you for your sharing your thoughts.

Here are the Birth details:

Born : February 3rd 1962 , 19:54:33


Baft, Kerman, IRAN.

Lat. : 29N14'03

Long. : 056E36'25

Time Zone : 3:30 east

DST : 0


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Posted by: @ramin

I also agree with you that one must not talk in absolute terms,  I didn't think the terms "seems irreversible" or "not much of a chance" sound absolute.

Your terms don't sound absolute, but your tone does. That's just my intuition, haha. It has a sense of finality in it that I observe throughout this post. It's like you've made up your mind that this person has definitely chosen the wrong path, and his chart is "just terrible" and you want affirmation for it, it seems! Sorry- I don't intend to attack you personally- I say this only because it is the type of thing that makes people stay away from astrologers and astrology.

You say, he's walking the wrong path, is perhaps not true to himself, is not "confronting" his issues. You also say issues are to be confronted within, and not outside- yet you have an issue this person is not involved with the outside. What is your solution exactly? Why is he obligated to live a "normal" life, supposedly? What is normal anyway?

Even our psychological issues can play out in myriad different ways. It's also possible that some psychological complexes can take multiple lives to work out- so one has to do what one can. It's not really a competition, right.
6th house is also the house of service (his Rahu lord, which is also the 12th house lord is in the 6th). So serving the guru in isolation, in a far away land may well be part of him fulfilling his karma- even if the guru turns out to be a cheat and scoundrel! Who knows- maybe that is what will happen here, and he could even get the opportunity to clear out all the "shamed" avasthas in one shot- if he makes it. After all, developing a sense of surrender, no matter what, is one lesson of the 6/12 axis, isn't it?

Well, I'm just throwing out some possibilities, feel free to ignore 🙂

All this aside- how many years has this person been doing this- do you know? I'm also curious to know if he has had any major health issues or legal issues in his life. (haven't seen the full chart though- just saw you shared the details)

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Dear @leela 

Please note that I know others in the same group same place doing the same thing for longer years than he, I don't get the same feeling about them. So I don't have a problem with the group or the guru. You see not being involved with the outside world physically or meditating is not the same as concisely understanding the issues within. 

I also agree that what he is doing, may be the best thing for him or the only thing he can do.
I'm talking about something psychological and very deep.

There is a deep motivation inside all of us that rises from our lacks and insecurities which makes us to pick up things to do, and identify with. Yoga, religion, looking for money or sex, business or leaving the material world are all the same when analyzing this level.

At this level it dose not matter if he is a yogi in the Himalayas or a great business man in New York, If he works in the swears or is a nature enthusiastic fighting for it's preservation in the Pacific Ocean. It is definitely interesting to see what is happening in his life with this chart, but that's not the issue on that deep level.

Why has he chosen his path (what evere it might be) on the deepest level of his psychology that is the question. I just have a feeling about that. Astrologically from experience; Lajjitaadi avashtas, Ra/Ke axis, Swamsa and malefic/benefic planets for a certain Lagna, have a lot to say in this matter.

Yet this is a complicated chart. except for the bad Avashtas which we know they must be overcome for a chart to truly hear the inner voice, analyzing the rest seams complicated in this chart.

For example You may be right about his Ra/Ke axis, but we can also argue that Sun the lord of Rahu is shamed and starve by Saturn the lord of Ketu and the some goes for Saturn. This specific Avshta makes the person to go after what they are not! so no matter where Rahu has Taken him, it is something he is spending a lot of time on that has noting to do with who he really is or as @ernst says it's a great waste of time.

I personaly think for this chart to grow our of all those bad avashtas and the heavy complicated Karmas, will not be easy at all. as you mention it may take life times. the easiest way will be to ignore it and pick up something that gives a meaning to their life with all it's limitations, without addressing those issues. Normally we choose the easy way ....

I don't know if he had legal issues, but years before this, he was kidnapped for ransom.

I think he became a meditation instructor some time between 1990 to 1993 and has joined this program around 2005 to 2006. Unfortunately I'm not sure. I don't know about major health issues even though I also suspect that that is a high possibility.

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I was going to ask you what your friend’s Birth Card was, so thank you for the details. According to Cards of Truth, he is the 9 of Spades. Yogananda was also a 9 of Spades and Ernst has said that his one wish was to disappear into the Himalayas and meditate.

But what is meditation? Isn’t it contemplation?

I have 9 of Spades as my Ecliptic path. Even though I do not have as many bad avasthas as your friend, I do have a mixed bag. My way of contemplation is by going within while doing things - I could be solving puzzles, washing the dishes, cooking food, travelling in public transport, driving, reading. I might ‘seem’ to be involved in worldly matters, but I am processing things internally. Without having that time for internal processing, things get out of hand and a lot of things come at me at once and makes life more difficult. I can imagine your friend’s to be much worse than mine.

Most of the times, I am on top of things, but sometimes the energies get too strong and I have to ‘disappear within’ further for processing. That is hard while living in the material world and looking after kids. Most probably, I could be doing it differently, just as we all might be doing things in not quite the right way from someone else’s perspective, but it is the way I know and am comfortable with. With more information and age and the understanding of Saturn’s role in my life, I am slowly restructuring, but my go-to in extreme situations will still be a complete hermit mode. How I do it will be different at different times. I haven’t gotten to the sitting in lotus position for hours with eyes closed yet, but the pull is there.

In tarot, the 9 of Swords is about excessive thoughts, fear, anxiety, etc. The 9 of Spades is about breakdown, death of the ego, deep suffering, etc. 9 is the last number before it reaches 10 and begins a new cycle. 9 also denotes being the Hermit and the Fool. 9 also stands for Ketu and freedom from suffering. In nature, 9 of Spades denotes a dead uprooted tree - the end of life on the material level.

With all those ashamed planets, it is possible that he is feeling all of that. If he comes out and lives in the society, his energy will bring towards him all of those things to deal with all at once, possibly overwhelming him completely. The way he is doing it is through internal processing.

With his Rahu being in Leo, and Leo being the sign of the Sun and the ego, perhaps he is trying to distinguish between ego and soul. The Pluto card of 8 of Spades (the feeling of being stuck in tarot, and introspection as per cartomancy) falls in his Virgo ascendant causing change within him. 

His Sun card (12th cusp) is 2 of Hearts and has Rahu and Uranus. The Uranus card is the 10 of Hearts. Perhaps he is finding emotional fulfilment with whatever it is that he has connected with.

The Mars card (3rd and 8th cusp) along with the Moon card (11th cusp) has the continuing theme of giving up the ego. Also, his Neptune card is the 10 of Diamonds, falls in the Mars card, and it seems that he is finding self worth there.

His Ecliptic path is 4 of Spades, taking it easy and slow progress in getting stronger in cartomancy and meditating/resting in tarot.

All his planets fall under the rulership of Saturn, so I would say it’s taking time. Perhaps we can read the 6th and his Virgo lagna as him organising his thoughts or his energy meticulously?

I think what he is doing is right for him. With a mixed bag of avasthas, yes, from a third person perspective, it is easy to see what is wrong and what someone should be doing. But when one is experiencing it, it is a whole another ball game and takes time to differentiate each thread and get on top of it.

Perhaps, if he hadn’t had so many bad avasthas, he might have dealt with them in a different way, and perhaps, he thinks this is a better way to deal with them. As long as he is not out there getting frustrated or having troubles in his life or having medical issues or causing problems for others, he is ahead of the game. That 16 hour of meditation must be working on some level. He might not be a true sanyasi, but perhaps he is working towards it.

I have come at it from another perspective.

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Dear @manisha 

Thanks for your time and detail analysis from an other perspective. Actually a lot of it makes scene.

Ernst Wilhelm
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Avasthas can be very interesting in that you can find a chart with all but one planet in good avasthas, that that one bad avastha is dominating the chart! Its like enouhg planets work for the person that they ignore the bad one and don't even realize what a monster its making them and how much its hampering them. Same when you get a chart with all shamed planets. There is always giong to be something shameful there and they will always encounter being shamed in their life, but sometimes you will see these people excel as amazing souls. Its like, something in them knows they just have to move forward. Sri Yuktesvar had several shamed planets. He was critiziced for being a swami and astrologer even though born into a vishya family and not a brahmin family. When he tried to fix the indian calendar, the astrologers would not listen to him, a vaishya, and they said that they would talk to the most knowledaglbe astrologer when he returned from his trip, when that astrologer got back, he died, before they could talk to him about Sri Yuktesvar's ideas and they decided to ignore Sri Yukstesvar's astronomical insights. So when we see a bunch of shamed planets, its important to not be judgmental from the chart, see what they actually end up DOING. 

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Sri Yukteswar had to deal with lawsuits regarding his hermitage property as well. 

Have you rectified his birth time?

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