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Moon Benefic or Malefic in Kala search option

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Greetings and saluations to Everyone,


I have a question related to Kala software's search option.


In the lower part of the popup window there is a 'moon is benefic' and 'moon is malefic' option. I was wondering what is the exact rationale behind the nature of the moon (benefic vs malefic)?

Namely, i cannot figure out whether it is shad-bala based, or avastha-based or ashtakavarga based or based on the ascendant of the chart in question or tithis or running dasa or something else. Moreover, many charts don't belong to either cathegory. So should I interpret it as "neutral" or "both benefic and malefic" or "we cannot tell"?


Also I've noticed that the results in my own database don't change regardless of the choice of ayanamsha or other parameters ("calculation options"). In other words, I always get the same charts in the "benefic" and "malefic" cathegory, while others never pop-up in any after search. So it cannot depend upon the ascendant, nor the ashtakavarga, nor anything that changes with the ayanamsha, and other calculation differences.


It's also obviously not because of "shukla paksha" vs. "krishna paksha".

I feel this is a very useful tool for determining several important factors for interpreting charts (for example, based on the charts I've studied, it seems to correlate well with emotional intelligence and capacity to make correct decisions in crucial moments), but I don't understand how it works.

I am certain it's probably mentioned somewhere is some of the courses, but I don't know where it is.


Also, can I determine the benefic/malefic nature of other planets as well (as functional benefics/malefics) or is it just for the neutral moon?


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Nevermind, I think I figured it out.

It's based on the phases on luni-solar cycle, and the Cheshta/Paksha bala.

"Benefic" means the moon is very distant from the sun zodiacally. It occurs during the tithis 11-20 (or so). It means the moon is very  strong, very visible. It will typically have a very high score in Paksha and Cheshta bala categories.

"Malefic" means the moon is close to the sun, so that it's barely visible (the last 5 tithis (25-30), and the first 5). Cheshta bala score will be low.

The rest falls in the "neutral" category (it isn't listed in the search option).