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Questions about Shamed Avastha and Dasha calculation

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I'm currently taking Ernst course Interpreting Lajjitaadi Avasthas (Brilliant course!) and had this though:

Would it be possible to form Shamed Avastha also through aspect?

I.e. If person has Mars conjunct Ketu and Saturn gives strong aspect to both of them in D1.

I have this exact situation in my own chart and can truly feel this shaming effect in my own life. 

Any thoughts on this?


Another question I have is about Vimshottari Dasha. I have done testing with different calculations options in Kala. Dhruva Equatorial Longitude with nakshatra position + galactic plane option makes all the past events in my personal life and life of many celebrities lined up perfectly. With other options I just can't make sense of the past events but is it possible that regardless those other calculations could be more accurate in predicting future events? Or should the same Dasha calculation be able to line up with past and future events as well? I haven't had enough possibilities to verify any Dasha calculation system as predictive tool.

All comments are welcome!





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For shame, aspects are not meant to be considered. Its common to feel shame, but the shame of the lajitta avastha is a very deep deep feeling. its so deep people are usually unaware of it, its very buried and comes out in the worst moments. In the last video on sun shamed by saturn i talked a lot about that. 

yes, it is possible that that is a better dasa calculation. there is a lot of work that still needs to be done on calculating dasas and nakshatras in order to get the best results. So keep working and sharing your results.