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Shame magnet, how do you deal?

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Just discovered I have a Lajjita Moon, with an 86% aspect Kshudhita (starved) by Saturn…  in Sag w 7th Bhava Cusp…


My sun is my Char Atmakaraka, and feels like it’s been the saving Grace to this afflicted moon… over time (exalted Saturn.. so, Time seems to be helping me connect more to and act more from my True Heart/Soul…).


 I’m very shy taking credit for things.. but also very ambitious… codependence and attraction to highly narcissistic partners (7th cusp), friends and gurus (sag) have been a lifelong journey to learn from… 

Now, I can share my hard learned wisdom with others & have even attracted new friends and fans of my last endeavor through my perspective of dealing with this ashamed, neg shad bala, moon..

 it’s still an ongoing challenge though…  my Moon and Sun conjunction to Ketu, overtime have led me to deeper, inner Spiritual experiences s as well through this…  

I just discovered this Lajjita Avastha in my Chart tonight!  As I’m studying Ernest’s excellent videos and pdf on the matter.


 Thank you for the great question & responses here ????????


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