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Still Bach flower remedies questions

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Hi Ernst and All,

I still have a few questions how to apply Bach flower remedies...


My husband is in Rahu/Sat dasha. We can absoluty feel its effects...

Rahu is in his 10th house, in Sagittarius. He is in the breakdown stage, being nostalgic, thinking about the past that was better, and he also feels purposeless.

Saturn is in 5th house in Cancer. Saturn house placement is not an issue anymore (he is anyway 46 years old), but cancer is a problem.

What should we treat first? Rahu seems to be greater issue now, he is really lost what to do about his life. 

So should I start with Rahu then? Or start with Saturn, as the rule of thumb is? He is in Saturn antardasha, but Rahu mahadasha... Or should I mix all remedies (Star of Betlemehem, Mustard, Cherry Plum and Honeysuckle) together?



I have a client with Saturn in Sagittarius. (Again Sag. issues as for my husband.) I dont know what to treat. She is completely purposeless, does not know what to do. (Communications phase.) But she also desribes herself living in the past. Which one is true then? Breakdown stage automatically means she has the issues of first stage (communication)? She thinks she feels  rather purposeless (so 1st stage), than living in the past.

But she had quite a serious car accident a few months ago, she was in hospital, still goes to treatment, now there is yet another issue with her knee. So I am more likely to think, after such an accident this should rather be breakdown stage. (She is in Ve/Ra dasha, above 36, Saturn in 7th house, Cancer. Venus is on lagna opposed to Sat.)

So should I give her Honey Suckle or Wild Oat?



Lat time you told Bach flower drops can be used for children, and only rashi is to be treated. But which stage? First one, the communication stage is enough? Or they are able to compensate?


many thanks in advance.



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Ernst Wilhelm
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Prioritize what they can relate to the most. YOu can give upto 7 remedies in a mixed bottle. So take the one's the person relates to most and give those to him. Its best to give break down one first if they are in a break down stage. If the person has easy access to the remedies, just give the breakdown and then in a week or two give the other, but in people who are not right there to change remedies, just mix upto 7, as the breakdown ones do their work, the other ones will do their part. 


also, always give the remedy for the most recent complaint. Thats why breakdown is first and then communication, because breakdown always happens after communication. So this person with the knee, give her the remedy based on the last event, so give her  honeysuckle. 

with kids, you have to observe and see if what stage they go into. they do go into breakdown.