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RIFE machine

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What planet would indicate that RIFE machine would help someone? Has anyone had experience with RIFE machines if they work at all?

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Hi @radharamana

  • I think Ernst made a mistake, as he is talking about rife machine under the quesion "Bandana Yoga" (prashna tab), the question was also posted on 22 September. Please check the answer there, I am sure he meant to aswer your qurstion, but somehow he hit a wrong button. (I am unable to link it from my mobile phone.)
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Ernst posted his answer in the wrong here is his answer:


or rife machine look for the moon. I have seen them work. the technology is great, the difficulty is in the practitioner finding the right frequency. See, you can have a back ache and say, okay, this is the frequency for back ache, and it probably wont work, as there are tons of things and thus frequencies that cause back ache. It can't be done successfully in such a cook book fashion any more than homeopathy can be done that way. So just as its very hard to find a homeopath who prescribes well, its very hard to find a rife person who prescribes the correct frequency. But they both work on the same principle of energy medicine. So its something that needs A LOT of study to do well, otherwise its hit and miss. Spooky makes a good rife emachine at a very affordable cost.