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Wart infestation on feet and fingers

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Hello Ernst,

What is the significance of getting warts?

I lived for 29 years without getting them, it started with plantar wart (black dots) on my toe and sole of my foot. then on my fingers but this time it was the common wart (looks like a blister), very stubborn and difficult to get rid of also very itchy. 

What is the emotional, spiritual, planetary meaning behind sprouting of warts all of the sudden? 

So far ive tried to use wart poison on them both salicylic acid and a pen that turns caustic when it hits water. what natural remedies can be used? 

Thank you, 

Diana D, 

Keep up the karma sauce YAMA. 

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Castor oil helps warts. Best if you take a double edged razor blade, the flexible type, and break it in half so its single edged, then bend the blade into a u shape and cut with the narrow curve of the u shape the top of the wart off your skin. Then put castor oil on and put a bandaid on and keep castor oil on it until it goes away. YOu don't have to cut the top hard part off, but it seems to go faster that way.

I have also had good luck using moxy balls on them. Form a small ball, then light it up with a stick of insence and scream for a moment. I think castor oil is  much better way though as it creates a deeper healing and is scar free.

Apple cider vinegar under a bandaid works too, but again, I think castor oil is the deepest  healing

and lastly, duct tape on them seems to get rid of th em but also irritates the skin so its my least favorite method.

the mentals of warts is the need to look into compensative behaviours. Behaviors where a person tries to act strong where they feel weak lead to warts. Its important to realize that we all have wak areas, and we have more areas where we FEEL we are weak. To try to cover these up with compensating behaviours only causes us to have less. Living with your shortcomings is very important in order to attract the people we actually NEED to make our life work. Thus people with warts also have a tendency to get partners who don't work for them and instead hurt them in some way, not necessarily directly, but sometimes just by giving them advice that should work but doesn't that time.