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Muhurta for Marriage

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Regarding finding a muhurta for marriage, there are multiple important 'moments': the first meeting, the engagement, the wedding ceremony, the first intercourse, when a couple first moves in together. Would you say the most important muhurta overall is when the couple first meets? They all have importance though. 


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Ernst Wilhelm
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Most important muhurta that we have a choice over is first sex. Most important for what will develop is the time of meeting and that happens without our choice. By the time most people look into getting a muhurta, they have already had sex and a good marriage muhurta is not going to overcome the indicates of the sex muhurta. 

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Well, hopefully when I meet my future wife, she will understand when I tell her, "no, we can't have sex until I find a good Muhurta...because my astrology teacher said that is the most important muhurta for a married couple!".

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Your own chart, dasas and transits will have steered you to meeting that person, so the first union will already be potenialized in those karmic arrangements.  If we see these events on a string, each one is it's own and yet conditions what is perceived in sequence.  So how we relate to each one of these events; thoughts, feelings, actions will be apart of the stream leading to first union.  

The choices we make (that magic 25%) on how we relate will play apart in shaping the energy and form of the relationship.  These choices can be changed by discovering who one is in relationship on a deep level, for example taking the relationship compatibility course and learning about the polarities where one does not have to get involved in intellectual analyzation, yet rather assume the polarity that one wants to be and experiencing either reciprocity or repulsion from the partner.  

My belief is that if someone is relating in this way and making efforts to be conscious of their avasthas, the higher energies embedded in the first meeting will seek to express themselves in a unique first union time.  In my own experience I met someone who I was very attracted to right at the beginning but there where things that were not right.  There were a few times were we could of had union but I knew things were still not right in the larger situation and so held off because I was more concerned with an ongoing relationship than an encounter for pleasure.  We dated other people, did our own thing, lived in different cites, worked on relationship polarity and avashtas and eventually after 2 years union occurred.  I did not do a murhurta for the first union but the elements in the situation that I thought were not right had been resolved.  After reading this post I looked at the Murhurta for the first union and all planets were either in angles or trines along with, 7th lord in the 9th, 1st and 5th lord joined in the 5th, 5th lord in own house and a friend to the first lord and many other positive signs.