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Lunar Eclipse May 2022: Sad Concrete Effect

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It is making sense practically in other aspects also.

It is getting more difficult to attract new talent to work. Other big companies are overpaying young talent, and therefore will be forced towards a hiring freeze.

Evidence in stock market is shows the US stock market is clearly overvalued, so there will be a fall. A ratio called cape - which is a cyclically adjusted ratio which measures the current stock prices with respect to its earnings has historically shown to be an important predictor of market direction. -- look at the difference between its mean - 16.94 and current value - 31.68. 


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Our shortage is hot water. It suddenly quit working today after months of acting funny. It figures that I'm running a 10 of Clubs year card too. No more hot showers for the foreseeable future, I guess.  

Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, market is going down and this was shown in the chinese lunar new year chart which is the chart I use now for mundane predictions. Really bad 4th house this year for the US chart. 

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Yup noticed a lot of stuff... lack. my water keeps shutting off, internet off, when the water is on the hot water runs out. Also really deep empty depression. Dating not working out. Just finished a super intense competition to put on the most weight in 12 days, I put on 31lbs, and got total burn out from it. 

Ida Alavioon
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Hello Ernst and my lovely fellow astrologers!

I've been quietly studying, and this is my first time posting any comments here. I'd like to piggyback on the eclipse question with an astrological question and also an astrological adjacent/occult knowledge question.

Q1: When looking at the effects of an eclipse on an individual, are you using their birth location or their current location? I'm always finding better information from the birth location.

Q2:  Does anyone know if there are more works that expound on "The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece."

For some background on question 2, it so happens that the last two eclipses hit me hard.  Like ouch Mama hard!  I have Su, Ma, and Me in Taurus in the 8th house, and the recent lunar eclipse in Scorpio was directly opposite my birth Mercury.  Well, I damn near lost my mind!  The solar eclipse was annoying, but by the time we hit the lunar eclipse in Scorpio I was having super dark thoughts, uncharacteristic of my cheery nature.  I was exhausted and having to take naps during the day to cure my strangely catastrophizing mentality.  Exhausted from my thoughts, I decided to stop believing them entirely.  Once I decided to just feel and stop thinking something lifted and I was surrounded by a feeling of immense love and a strange numbness.  I'm not sure what happened?  Did I just transmute the eclipse energy? 

At some point I watched a video about the secret schools of Hermes and then the next day out of the blue my neighbor gave me the aforementioned book "The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece" and it suddenly clicked this eclipse was opposite my planet mercury, Mercury is the Roman name for Hermes!!! Mercury has been turning up my subconscious fears in its retrograde transit. To top this off, I seem to remember that Neptune and mars in Pisces were making aspects to this particular lunar eclipse, which might explain how oddly cerebral and intensely illusory this experience has been.

WHAT?!  Did planet Mercury just hand me an occult knowledge book?  I read the short book and now I am voraciously looking for more information.  Does anyone know if there are more works along the lines of The Kybalion written in the spirit of the secret hermetic teachings? I'm very interested in techniques to transmute emotions or energy. There is a passage in this book which talks about the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm:

"They discovered that there were two general planes of consciousness, the lower and the higher, the understanding of which fact enabled them to rise to the higher pane and thus escape the swing of the rhythmic pendulum which manifested on the lower plane...It is akin to rising above the thing and letting it pass beneath you."

This is exactly what my experience was with this eclipse, I was miserable until I ignored my thoughts, elevated my vibration and then the energy seems to pass beneath me. Ever since this I'm buzzing with loving energy, a sense of detachment, and optimism.  I also made some revelatory decisions as well.

This book seems to give preliminary instructions on how to endure the rhythmic cycles of our journey or in other words it instructs on how to deal with the energetic challenges of the planets, here described as pendulums or cycles.  

Anyway, I had to ask if anyone has any clue if more of this type of information is out there.  Or if anyone has had a similar experience to mine during this eclipse.

Thank you dearly,









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