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Special Astrological combinations in the sky for the comming days

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We have had some very special combinations and we will have more of them coming about.I'm not sure how to interpret them but something is going on. I'll just mention them for any one who may have some ideas:


1. 30 days of continuous Ma/Ve Conjunction from Feb 12th to March 13th

This was one of the rare times when Ve retrogression had just ended so Ma was faster than Ve and reached it on Feb. 16th then little by little Ve gained speed and will reach Ma on March 6th. But from 12th Feb. to March 13th they their distance remains less than a degree.

Please also note that they are the lords of Ra/Ke. and most of the time Ma is Exalted. Only on the last few days just before their second conjunction they enter Aquarius and conjunct  in zero degrees 1 minutes of Aquarius.

Please not the sudden change of Mars, lord of Ke, from exaltation to starving by Saturn.


2. On march 2nd we have a new Moon but what a chart, at the same time:

Ve/Ma/Pl are conjuncted near Mars deep exaltation degree

Sa/Me Are conjuncted

Sun and Moon have a close sextile with Neptune.

Jupiter is combust in 2 degrees of the Sun.


Any Ideas?





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The end of diplomacy and democracy.

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???? ???? 

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It will be beautiful to witness in the sky at least...I tend to want to sleep though, rather than look! 

I have not noticed Ma/Ve to be in yuddha though from my location.