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Prashna for Financial Investments

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Dear Forum and Ernst,

I am using the 5th house as the primary objective bhava for a 'should I invest in this currency/stock ect.' query. The 5th has to do with speculation/predicting things. I also look at the 12th for expenses as well. 

Corey said the 4th is the bhava for investments in his opinion and the 5th is the 2nd from the 4th which grows the investment, so he uses the 5th for this matter in Prashna and the 12th too. 

Is this correct? Thoughts? 


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i am thinking out loud here and i would agree with your assessment. The 4th is fortune, investment etc.. The 11th is gain so the money we make. The 2nd house is our resources what we get it keep. So if you have a great 11th and bad 2nd that means you make a lot of money and you don't get to keep what you make. So 2nd from 4th makes sense here to me to see what you get to keep...And of course 12th is expenses. There can be good and bad expenses...



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What would you use as an omen for your prasna?