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Who are our ancestors?

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Hi Ernst,

You mention DNA and genetics in some places, when speaking of karma etc...

I am curious how one would interpret when upbringing and physical genetics are not necessarily same? For example, someone who is adopted (but with a precise birth time known). Usually, they say a child becomes karmically the adoptive parents' child, the moment it is adopted. Or someone who is created with a sperm donor or egg donor (but created and given birth by the mother who is going to raise the child).

Or when you say DNA etc, are you talking about epigenetics?

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Wouldn't the twin designation for father and mother come into to play here?  Venus is DNA from father but Sun is his presence in the world.  

I have someone adopted in my extended family.  The adoptive parents arranged it before the birth and were present during the birth and able to take the child home the next day.  The Sun in this child's chart is exalted and yet Venus is in an enemy sign.  The biological father was troubled with substance issues and was not a presence during the pregnancy but the adoptive father is very consistent straightforward upstanding person.  So here we can see Venus describing the biological father and Sun the father who actually raises her and is a presence in her life in the world.

This should parallel with Moon representing the biological mother and Mars representing the adoptive mother.

Ernst Wilhelm
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We have the DNA, the environmental factors bring out different aspects of the DNA. So yes, this is the science of epigenetics. 

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This is a very big topic and I am compelled, as usual, to add a different view.

There are good reasons to believe that atheist materialist scientists are chasing chemicals in vain (matter corresponds to an invisible reality, after all)... However, research ventures in unfalisifiable paradigms do allow for a lot of money to be made, so I guess it's not futile in that sense. The only question is whether you buy their view (and products).

In sum, there is no definition of a gene, DNA is not immutable, and DNA as the primary substance is admitted dogma. What if RNA (or whatever nucleic acids) spawn out of the aether under certain conditions? That is to say, the substance manifests out of the field? This same field is under the cosmic influence of the heavens.