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Meaning of Color Green for a comet ~ Nishimura

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What is the meaning of the color green for a comet? This is for Nishimura passing through the Lion's constellation and visible today.

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Well the last green comet I remember corresponded with an earthquake that happened around the same time, or even just before, it appeared, and a similar discussion followed here. And now we just had that deadly earthquake in Morocco a couple of days ago.

Comets are supposed to be omens of disasters. But does it always work out that way or do they sometimes become visible after the disaster? Not a very effective warning, but the correlation is still there.

Green is the color ruled by Libra (and perhaps Mercury and/or Venus), and is popularly believed to be a color of healing, but with over 2,000 people killed thats kind of hard to believe when applied to comets! 

I don't remember anything happening with Libra or healing or diplomatic harmony with the previous green comet. But we are entering Eclipse season and this time the coming Solar Ketu Eclipse will be in Libra.

The meaning of green is kind of hard to nail down. It is widely believed to be a color of luck, healing, nature, and renewal. It is the most balanced color and is used to mean "yes", "ok" or just being in mutual understanding and agreement. But in dark age and medieval northern Europe, it was thought to be an inauspicious color of evil, deception, illness, and poison. It was actively avoided.

I don't like how this comet is visible near my own Rahu, zodiac-wise.

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Upon further reflection, I believe the main reasons for green being evil in medieval Europe was the association with dragons, snakes, and reptiles, and with the forest where evil things dwelled (witches, snakes, pagans, etc.).

Green Was also sacred to the Muslims and was a color of love and friendship. Medieval copies of the Quran had green bindings. So during the crusades, green was the color of Christian Europe's "enemy". So that added to the association with evil in medieval Europe.

It seems that comets just don't mean good things, no matter their color. Perhaps it means bad times for the very things symbolized by the comet's color.

For example the vast majority of Moroccans, the earthquakes main victims, are Muslim. Not only was green a color of divine love and friendship for muslims (as it often is for many traditions), it was also the very color of life and staying alive! Its obvious how life-saving finding natural green is in excruciatingly hot and dry middle-eastern desert regions.

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I have been wondering about the comets myself. I like Mitryendra’s take on how different perspectives change the meaning of things. What is read as good by one is read bad by someone else.

Comet Nishimura was discovered by a Japanese space photographer. Can we then assign the meaning to its color green as that read by the Japanese culture, or are we needed to assign it according to the Vedic astrology books? Or do we assign it different meanings depending on where we are born and are residing?

Comets used to be read as omens for people ruling kingdoms so they could mobilise forces and staples accordingly, so that the general population in the kingdom would feel supported and go through as less of a hardship as possible. Nowadays, we have radar stations and space manning stations to do the same, except we don’t seem to have made much progress in reducing hardships.

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Brihat Samhita describes the effects of comets and you can find that online now I think. Color is one thing, but the shape of tail is important as well.