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Uranus in Lagna (My Experience)

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My Uranus is located in my Lagna (Capricorn) and it is also conjunct with Venus and Neptune. I would like to share my experience with this particular placement, hoping it will help people with their study of outer planets. Perhaps other users on this forum also have Uranus in their Lagna.

I have always been someone who seeks originality. People cannot easily define me, I have never felt at home in any peer groups. In fact, the more I follow my own creative destiny of inspiration, the happier I feel. Major growth in my life has usually occured when someone wanted to impose upon me their own ideas about what matters in life and when I resisted that external influence, deeming it incompatible with who I am inwardly. Now when I am 26 years old, I am slowly finding my own place in the world. I am very happy with who I am. I mainly study and practice astrology, but I also write and publish my books.

At various crossroads in my life, people were surprised at how rapidly I could grow as a person. Some accused me of being a hypocrite, but I guess they just couldn't keep up with the tempo of my inner growth. Due to the influence of Venus (which is also my Atmakaraka), however, I am not someone who could be characterised as rebellious in a chaotic sense of the word. I never pick up fights, I don't do things to provoke others, my speech is tactful, and I feel delighted whenever I can create a win-win situation.

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience. I really like when people share their stories and placements.

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Thanks for sharing. I have Uranus joined Venus as well (+ my Mars AK, Sun, Pluto, in a nice little bundle in Libra). While it’s not in my Lagna but in my 2nd house, I can relate to what you describe a lot (probably because a stellium becomes quite prominent in a person’s chart and life I find and anything joined the AK as well). Lots of Libra energy so the tactful, non chaotic rebellious comment while at the same time honoring a strong desire not to “copy paste” what has been done before resonates deeply.

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Thank you for sharing; yup; can relate too. Ve in lagna is quite useful! I have never concentrated on outer planets.

Dont have Ve in lagna, but as AK, exalted in D9. 

I'm a little bit elder but similar config in lagna except there Ve. Capricorns with good avastha planets in the lagna can grow rapidly because there is a lot of internal processing that is not obvious. Talk about crocodiles, wait, wait, wait and pounce 😀

Ve adds tact.

Its interesting to see confluence in your case with Jaimini. He defines capricorn as dealing with some trouble in own village. 


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Sounds like you're having a good time with the Venus maturity phase.

I have Uranus very closely conjunct my Atmakaraka Moon, and Neptune conjunct my lagna, so I can somewhat relate to those ideals as well.

And Venus, being 7th from my Moon, is the only thing modifying what would otherwise be a pretty bad Kemdrum Dosha.


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