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Lajjitaadi Avasthas and Outer Planets: Pluto and Mars joined in the 5th

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Hi Ernst and All, 

Can an outer planet participate in a Lajjitaadi avastha? For example, Pluto joined with Mars in Scorpio 5th -- Is there sense-making to look for some sort of "shaming" in this case, even if it's Pluto? Or, Pluto shaming Mars?

My reasoning is based on combining the shamed avastha (joined with malefic in the 5th) and the numerology of the planets from many courses, partlcularly the Outer Planets audio course where Pluto is associated with 12 and also with Mars. 

I know someone with this in the chart. They have some real difficulties and no other shamed planets. I would appreciate any thoughts and insight into bringing the Lajjitaadi avasthas and outer planets together in counseling.

Thank you