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Turmeric - how to best take it to treat tumors/cysts?

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Hello Ernst and all,

what is the best way to take Turmeric to benefit from its anti-inflammation properties? 

I've seen the fresh turmeric roots in the supermarket, can you grate those, just like ginger, or is it better to boil them?

I've also been told it absorbs better taken with black pepper, is this true? 

Any tips are welcomed. 


Thank you!


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Ernst Wilhelm
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I just blend the fresh root in water and add honey and blend some more. It tastes better using cold water than hot water. I dont know if thi sis the best way to take tumeric, but its the yummiest way that I know. 

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I remember Ayurvedic practitioner Neeshee Pandit saying on the forum that the liver doesn't particularly like the "curcumin" concentrated or isolated extract that is mostly sold in capsule form these days.

Even though that is the component contemporary research identified as responsible for healing brain inflammation, and there isn't supposed to be "enough" in a typical or safely consumable amount of whole turmeric root and spice, the whole herb has long been traditionally used, both tonically and in cooking, in a country that has had a very low rate of dementia.

There is definitely something to the "Let food be your medicine" doctrine. You lose a lot of the supporting nutrition when you turn food and plants into dry little pharmaceutical "pellets" that you pop in isolation.



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I'd like to chime in here just to say that I use Turmeric powder when I cook rice, stews and soup... I add it as much as I can. Also, as is true for everything else, we really must be connecting with our inner intelligence to know what to do and how to do it/how much. If we listen to our body, the body will let us know all of this. I feel that may be why or how muscle testing works. In theory, the muscles are working in tandem with the inner consciousness (subconsciousness) and that is how many people choose to connect with their inner intelligence. 

I have also heard that Turmeric is best absorbed with black pepper because the pepper dilates the blood vessels (or so I've heard). I have also heard that Golden Turmeric is the best out there and will be absorbed by the body without black pepper. 

Hope this is helpful.


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Me and my girlfriend noticed tumeric killed our flu symtoms twice or even more, it removed my headache. We live on a island where tumeric was always used in food but we never actually used it as medecine like that. I took it with juice, sometimes honey if I have some. I say that because since it's produced locally it's probably of better quality. We rarely consume the raw root though, it's most often in powder form, as it's used in cooking like a spice. 

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