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Interesting chart with all 5 non-luminaries in [OH,MT,EX] but no Raja Yoga activating dasha in this life?

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Hi @ernst and friends,

I came across an interesting chart(attached) where all the 5 non-luminaries Me, Ve, Ma, Ju, Sa are in [OH, MT, EX] but when it comes to kendra Kona Raja Yoga, only Me, Sa, Ju seem to be making them. Now according to Vimshotri dasa, the Ju-Sa-Me mahadasas will start at the age of 68, after the prime of their life.

Does that mean that this person is not going to realise their potential in this life before 68?  Or are there other Raja Yogas which are not of the Kendra-Kona type that will give headwind to this person? If yes, which Raja Yogas are they and where can I study them?  Or are there dasa systems which show activation of Raja Yoga planets like Me, Sa that will happen in their life before 68? How does one interpret this?

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Ernst Wilhelm
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Yes, there are many other types of yogas that can give success and wealth. They are the  named yogas that are the majority of yogas in the Core Yogas book or in the Parashara's formula for yoga judgment course.