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Bhava Cusps and Tangible Things

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Could someone please explain what tangible thing(s) may be indicated by the 6th campanus cusp?

In some earlier conversations I've heard the 4th cusp related to the mother and the 11th cusp related to a larger group of peers. But I was under the impression that it is the grahas which represent living conscious beings, while the house cusps actually represent specific "things".

So would the 6th cusp represent a police officer or your pharmacist or surgeon? Or would it more correctly represent your enemy's sword or your nutritional supplements and vaccines. Or all of the above?

In the USA, the day of the lunar eclipse is election day. Its seems that that voting booths have become more of a 6th house place in recent times rather than a 7th, 10th, or 11th.

Elections are already a kind of a competition, but in difficult times it can be a place of conflict, suspicion, and interrogation as well.

I was under the impression that the 4th lord, the Moon(and Mars with Jaimini), and planets in the 4th would represent the mother more that the 4th cusp, which would be your specific house, car, water well, etc.

But I am particularly concerned about the 6th cusp as the lunar eclipse will be very near mine and opposite my 12th cusp.

As for tangible objects of the 12th, I would think it represents the bed we sleep in, as well as prisons, hospitals, and hospices. But what person in our lives would represent the 12th? Perhaps the undertaker?



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My understanding is the cusp is that specific, concrete thing. So the 4th cusp is your mother. The 4th rasi from the Ascendant is your relationship to your mother. The house/rasi is our relationship to the Ascendant. The planet (malefic vs benefic) impacts the cusp. If you have Mars in the 4th cusp, that means your mom has some hardship to herself such as surgeries, cuts, accidents etc...If you have Mars in the 4th rasi from the Ascendant, that means there is anger, frustration in your relationship with your mom.

If you want to know specific things about your mother than you have to read from the 4th cusp. If you want to know about your relationship with your mother then you look at the 4th rasi from the Ascendant. That is my understanding anyway. Ernst and others can chime in....



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@tuyetv Well this does seem to reflect some recent family news.

Yesterday I heard that my maternal Uncle recently fell and broke some ribs. And the 6th house is maternal uncle. This lunar eclipse is right on my 6th cusp.

I think 6th house would also involve our exercise routine and thus our exercise equipment would be linked to that cusp. Some unusual noises on my treadmill have just now started getting louder and worse, but because of the "idiot yoga" I am not going to try to fix it myself at this moment lest I do real damage.

Also, I plan to get the Omicron booster and a and flu shot, both at the same time, when I am at the pharmacy this week. I usually don't get flu shots, but there is a severe flu flare-up in my town right now and I am around elderly family a lot. I expect I will have a bad reaction and that the shots will make me sicker than I would be without them because of the idiot yoga. Flu shots give me mood swings and I usually go insane during lunar eclipses anyway, so I don't know how it will be when I get both shots.