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Saturn’s Function

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So for a while I always thought Saturn represented Discipline, Long Term Work, Perseverance, Servitude & the Karma that must be burned off through Slow Steady Action… but I’m having trouble combining that with its Laziness, Inaction and the need to “leave that house alone and be lazy with it”.

I have Saturn in the 5th Aquarius, Moon Jupiter in Libra Ascendant, Sun & Mercury Taurus 8th, Venus in Aries 7th, so I have a ton of Venusian creativity and self expression built up over the years.

Mars strongly starves my Saturn from the 11th House in Leo which I definitely feel as this pressure that I’m always behind and not on top of things.

So am I supposed to be lazy with self expression and creativity (5th House) cause of Saturn and redirect all that energy towards Mars Leo 11th House instead? (And of course Rahu Sagittarius 3rd House)

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I have Saturn starved by it’s enemy in the 6th house. What I found was that it is “the pressure of always being behind and not on top of things” that needs to be relaxed. That is where the being lazy come in. To not be so uptight. It is the shift from being uncertain of one’s capabilities to being certain of them. The time period between the shift change is felt as uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing, and there is a tendency to fall back into learned behaviours.

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Saturn shows good qualities perseverance, hard work, simplicity if its in good avasthas. 

If your Saturn is within 20 degrees of Aquarius, that will cause it be in mooltrikona and thus more confident of its capabilities.

Mars is your angle lord too, so it will cause your saturn to engage in creative expression anyways but if bad LA on Saturn is more than good LA, then it can be less enjoyable 

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My understanding is that Saturn deals with self-preservation and it needs both discipline/perseverance in that context on one end AND laziness/inaction on the other when not in that context. Only exerting these efforts/qualities when absolutely necessary. Hope that helps making more sense of it. 

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This Saturn discussion totally reminds me of some I Ching shit that I pulled recently. 

Hexagram 9, line 1. 

"When a strong person encounters an obstacle in his or her path, the first inclination is to press forward, to remove it, or to overcome it by force. In the present circumstances, however, do not let yourself be drawn into direct action or conflict. Instead, stand back and take some time to assess the situation; consider all your options. Give yourself the space to advance or retreat—or to do nothing at all—for the time being."

Siu: "In forcing your way, you meet with obstacles. It is best to hold back to a position where you have the choice of advance or retreat. Then you may concern yourself with the true nature of the situation and react accordingly."

Wing: "At the outset, the man presses forward. When obstacles are encountered, however, he returns to the state of greater choice. By not forcing his way, he eventually gains his objective."

And when Mona mentioned

Posted by: @mona

Only exerting these efforts/qualities when absolutely necessary

It makes perfect sense. Advance or retreat eventually acquires the aim with Saturn, and its in a non-forceful way, whether the action takes a long time (perseverance as opposed to forcing), or whether you are taking a break which might actually be necessary for proper advance (inaction as opposed to stagnation). 

Kind of like "The master does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone". 

It seems Saturn is in no rush, and not so concerned about forcing an outcome. Saturn knows that all the things that need to be accomplished in our lifetime can happen in a way that is harmonious with the timing of the universe.  


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