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A noob's question on predictive astrology

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       I am not sure whether i can ask this here, sorry if i am wrongly posting here, my question is this, are we doing whatever the planets are forcing us to do or we are doing whatever we want and planets are just playing a role to block or enhance it?

Lets say a person wants to get a job, he started searching by January, and keeps on searching and finally gets a job after 3 months, say by april , here, the planets wants him to search for 3 months to get a job or even if he just sits down idle from January to April , he will get a job by april since he was destined to get a job by april? My question might be stupid, but just want to know, whether a person's involvement is giving his job or planets just like that gives him a job or bit of both. Can we see all these things in a chart?